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Thursday, February 17, 2011

post-Christmas Island Park

Christmas at Island Park is not all about Christmas day.  Oh no.  It's about a week in a cabin surrounded by snow and having a bunch of new games that we got for Christmas to play all week.  Now we get the few misc. pictures I took for the rest of the week.

Kessa liked the bowl on her head better than in front of her.

We like games.  Unfortunately, most of our games didn't allow for all of us to play.  Luckily, our table was big enough for two games.  Please ignore Nick's pretend pouty face.  He was probably beating all of us.  (Or at least making us think he was.) 

Check out those icicles!  They made me SO HAPPY.  My favorite was the one directly to the right of the door, and the far left one in front of the window.

And here's the view looking out the window. 
Btw, that car had been completely scraped of snow about a day or two prior.

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