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Thursday, April 14, 2011

You will be pleased to know...

… that this little cutie is feeling much, much better.  

Thank goodness for antibiotics and warmer weather.

(Her mommy is also feeling a lot better.  Heath and sanity-wise.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sicky, sick, sick. Again.

I don't want to type this out twice, so here is a copy of my brief journal entry of today.  Let's just say I'm too exhausted to write more.  Keep Kessa in your prayers, k?

Kessa is sick.  She woke up at 3 am.  BJ went and got her and got her to sleep.  3:30 she was crying again, so I tried to sing under her door, but she'd have none of it.  I went in and was overwhelmed with OnGuard.  Guess I overdid it on the humidifier.  Oops.  Live and learn.  I knew I wouldn't want to sleep in there, so I brought her back to our bed where she would almost fall asleep, then get distracted by something.  The lights outside.  The fan spinning in circles.  Whatever.  I knew she was just keeping both of us awake, so I took her out to the couch and we both tried to sleep, but she kept tossing and turning and crying, so I gave her the iPad and she watched Netflix and our videos while I tried to sleep.  Around 5:15 I knew I needed real sleep, so I asked BJ to swap me.  Kessa didn't want Daddy; she wanted Mommy.  But BJ was a trooper and kept her out there, screaming and all.  He gave her a bottle and after awhile, neither of us remember what time, she coughed so hard that she threw it up.  BJ cleaned that up, then brought her back to bed.  We all tried to sleep for awhile, and this is where it gets all muddy for me.  I remember BJ finally caving and getting up (maybe because Kessa was kicking up?) and Kessa and I sleeping for another hour or two.  Not straight, though.  She's had a hard time sleeping for more than 20 mins all day without crying, then going back to sleep.  Finally at 9:30 BJ's phone rang next to Kessa's head.  So we were awake for good by then.
It was a lazy morning.  Kessa slowly got feeling a bit better.  BJ didn't get out of here until after lunch.  I tried to put Kessa down for a nap around noon, but it didn't work.  She cried and was needy.  Poor girl.  I was sure she just had a bad cold.  Finally around 4 I got her to sleep.  She only slept for an hour, and woke up every 20 minutes.  When I got her up, I knew something was wrong.  Within 2 minutes I was worried.  She was just a lot fussier and needier than she'd been all day.  She often pushes her earlobe into her ear, but this time it was just... different.  And she wouldn't suck on her fingers, which usually accompanies the ear pushing.  I called the pediatrician, got sent to the after-hours clinic, and got an appt. for 7:40.
The next two hours were the longest ever.  She cried almost the whole time.  She had to be held.  Mostly by me.  But every once in awhile she'd let BJ hold her for maybe 2 minutes. We had to miss the ward potluck/game night.  I had BJ take taco soup, then bring us home some food.  The funny thing about her rarely letting BJ hold her is that she threw up twice today.  Both times with BJ holding her.  The second time was soon after she downed an 8 oz bottle of milk (the only thing I could really get inside of her all day).  All over her, him, the rung, the carpet.  So we had a quick bath, we all changed clothes (I got it on me while trying to help her bathe), then headed off to the doctor.  Where we waited for probably 30-45 mins before we ever saw the doctor.  I'm sure he's probably great with kids and such, but he seemed rushed and I wasn't all that impressed.  I'm still not entirely sure what all is wrong.  Oh, she also has a rash on her leg.  It was either the rash or one of her ears being red that he said was just due to the fever.  Later I asked him if she had a fever (she was warm, but I had checked earlier and she was below normal).  So he looked it up and was like, "Oh, no, she doesn't.  She must just be radiating off enough heat to keep her core temperature down."  So... uh... why does she have a rash, then?  But I did get that she does have a cold, and she has an ear infection.  So we got amoxicillian for the infection and ear drops for the pain.
Oh, and did I mention that all of this happened while we were between insurances?  Like, we're covered, but we don't have insurance cards yet.  Joy.  This has been great fun.
Luckily she took her medicine happily (which is amazing considering that earlier, even mentioning water to her made her break down into sobs), though she didn't love the ear drops.  Can't blame her.  And then she happily went to sleep.  (As soon as I did it instead of BJ.  When did she suddenly turn into a momma's girl?)
Wish me luck for tomorrow.