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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas morning

And now… the Christmas morning gifts!  (Picture overload alert.  Thanks, Jessa, for all the pictures!)

Kessa was freezing while drinking her bottle.  So we wrapped up in a blanket.  (That's a new necklace for me, btw.  Which, sadly, Kessa just broke while flailing about trying to get out of bedtime.  [sigh]  I think I can fix it.)

Here is Kessa's new xylophone.  It's fantastically out of tune.  I really should take a quick video so you can hear for yourself.  We considered taking it back, but Kessa walked around with the box for days, so we finally caved and just opened it.

I'm excited about this toy. It's like all the ones you find in doctor's office waiting rooms. 

Nick was excited about… pretty much everything he got. 

Teresa wants to be like Nick.  :) 

Here's one of BJ's new shirts.  I'm personally loving the price tag.  :) 

Another of Kessa's new toys.  A shape sorting ball!  She loves this ball.  And she's getting really good at it. It helps her learn shapes, numbers and colors.  It's great. (Also, those are her new jammies for Christmas.  But she was asleep when we opened them the night before.)

BJ got Dominion.  (It's a game.  That's hard to explain.  It's like a board game played with cards.)  It is amazing.  It is my new favorite game.  I want everyone to learn it.  EVERYONE.  So come invite yourself over for a game night.  I'm serious.  (Also, Jalin, BJ says we can play online.  So we'll have to figure it out and maybe do it instead of TTR for awhile.) 

Kessa also got a little people play house.  She loves it, too.  Especially since it makes noises when she pushes buttons.  And she likes to rock the people to sleep in the bassinet.  And make them all sit in their chairs. 

Here is most of Kessa's loot. 

I got a box with random kitchen items (hooray!) and …. 

… Veggie Tales!  I was very excited.  If you couldn't tell. 
Also, Kessa now loves them as much as I do.
But I don't love getting the songs stuck in my head all day.

We also got all the different Small World expansion packs.  Which we are excited for. 

And Wii Sports Resort.  (Because we love our Wii.  Also, archery is awesome.  And wakeboarding.)
(We also got Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, but it's not pictured.) 

All us kids chipped in to get the parents a new painting for their family room.  We couldn't decide what they would like, so we printed off pictures of our favorites and gave them gift cards. 

Teresa gave Kessa new headbands, which she wears all the time.  She'll find one on the floor and bring it to us then pat her head.  (Which is the sign for hat.) 

Kessa reaching into her stocking to pull out...

… a wallet!  It's filled with all our used up gift cards and fake credit cards we get in the mail.  The hope is that she'll pull them all out of her wallet instead of ours.  So far, it's not working. 

This is Nick's stocking that Nana made.  He realized this year that it would probably fit him.  So he tried it on.  Lo and behold… it fit perfectly. 

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