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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas crafts

This year I spent a lot of time crafting for Christmas.  BJ's grandma, Nana, had knitted them all stockings when they were little. But now she is quite old and no longer knitting stockings for grandkids, so Kessa and I were outcasts in the stocking world.  But never fear, I can crochet!  So after spending a bit of time looking for patterns, I found one!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of them.  And now they're in storage, buried in my shed.  Here's a picture that has Kessa's stocking in it.  Mine is quite similar.  The colors are rearranged, though.  My name is on the band where Kessa has snowflakes and instead of a snowman, I have a bunch of snowflakes.

We had Damian's family for Christmas, so I made them all hats.  The top left is  Kim's and the picture doesn't do it justice.  It's got this great texture of criss crosses on top of the hat.  So it's bulky and warm and pretty.  Since Kim got a red hat (she went to the U), Damian got a BYU hat. The middle row are the John Deere hats.  I tried to make Parker's, but made it too big.  So Damian got a hat for his birthday, too.  :D  So I tried again and it was too small.  So that one became Taegen's.  The third time, it was just right.  (Anyone else feel like these boys are bears?)  I was pleased with how they turned out.  The purple one is Lexi's.  She loves purple and is girly, s o she got a flower to go with it.  The last one is Kessa's.  She's not part of their family (of course) but was part of the many hats I made for Christmas. 

Here is Kessa wearing her hat on Christmas morning.

Damian's kids loved theirs, too, and wouldn't take them off.  Literally.  
Here is Taegen sleeping in his (I loved the puckered up lips!).

Here's the whole family in their hats.

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