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Monday, February 7, 2011


Tragedy struck recently. Many of we Homers gathered together for a trip through time and ended up in the middle of a Roman murder!  Poor Flabbius Corpus was murdered in his own home!  It took a lot of food and suspicion, but we finally discovered the culprit and were able to return home.  Whew.  (I want it to be noted that despite having every reason in the world to have wanted Flavius Corpus dead, I was the only one who didn't even attempt murder.)  (My apologies to anyone out there that does this particular game and now knows one person who is innocent… well, sort of innocent.)

Mercedes Accelleratti, Flabbius' wife, was very (sort of, a little) sad about the whole thing. 
(But more so about the pottery that was broken during the murder.)

Maximus Testosterus, a Roman military commander, 
is ready to take down anyone that is proven guilty.

The decor was very Roman.  See the grapes?

The food was too.  A Caesar salad!

Bogus Fortunatus read all of our fortunes by looking at animal intestines.  

Licentius Caesar, good friend of Flabbius, was determined to find the murderer.

Cleptopatra didn't really care about Flabbius, 
but she did have a hard time refuting the claims she had been stealing from Rome.

Flotilla Submergia, world-renown shipbuilder and Harangus Adnauseum, Stoic Senator 
were both greatly offended at being considered suspects.

Rotunda Immaculata, Vestal Virgin, had no idea why she was invited to this dinner, except that Vestal Virgins are very important for all business dealings in Rome.

Somehow a baby snuck into our dinner.  I think to tell us it was time to go home, so could we please hurry up and solve the murder?

Even Caesar had to do dishes before we could leave.

Luckily Teresa was watching Kessa and they didn't get sucked into the time trip of death.  
Except, y'know, for that one part where Kessa snuck in to tell us to go home.

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