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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Misc. round 3; middle of Kessa version


She loves pomegranate seeds.  So sad that season is over.

Sometimes Kessa likes to sit on our lap and eat our food.  Sometimes she'll even help us eat our own food in between her bites.

Yes, we're nerds.  BJ is playing Zelda: Twilight Princess while Kessa is draped over his lap playing the iPad.

Sometimes, Kessa decides she likes our shirts and wants to wear them.  I love this one with BJ's polo on.  Though, it does kind of make her look like a boy.  :)

She loves blankets.  A lot.  And if she had her way, they'd always be in her crib (unless she's carrying one around).  I'm not sure why, though.  By the looks of it, she doesn't put them on her nor even use them as a pillow.  Just makes her sleeping surface smaller.  :)

This was Mommy and Daddy's really big uh-oh.  We've been meaning to attach those shelves to the wall forever.  But we've never had a problem.  Well, we had a problem.  See that empty space off to the right of all the movies?  That's where Kessa was sitting when she pulled the shelf down.  I was across the room.  I was scared to death.  So was the lady doing a survey on the other end of the phone.  I am soooooo grateful that all is well and nothing was damaged and that Kessa wasn't hurt.  [shudder]

I don't know where Kessa got the idea to stand on the Wii Balance Board.  Heaven knows that BJ and I haven't done Wii Fit in months and months.  But Kessa loves to pull it out and stand on it.  We sometimes even let her play soccer.  And sometimes she even likes to take the wiimote with her.

See?  Kessa playing soccer!

What do you think… future acrobat?  She did this all the time for about 2 weeks.

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