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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mmmm... Chocolate...

Abby turned three years old 3 months ago today. Perhaps I should blog about her party? Because it was awesome.

Ever since we bought Frozen soon after it came out, both of my girls have been obsessed. They sing the songs. They act out scenes. (The favorite being at the beginning with Anna waking up Elsa. They have entitled it, "Wake up, wake up, wake up!" and request playing it often. It's sometimes fun to be Elsa because I get to push my kids off the couch and tell them to go play by themselves... and they laugh!) So when my cousin's daughters, Aubree and Brinnan, posted their Halloween costumes of Elsa and Anna (homemade costumes, I might add!) and said they do parties... well, the party practically planned itself.

I saw this snowflake cupcake cake on Pinterest and decided it would be fun and easy. Once Abby saw it, she was in love. She still asks me to show her "her cake" on my phone.

We colored Frozen pictures while we waited for everyone to come. Once everyone showed up, we headed down to the basement to play Pin the Nose on Olaf and Freeze Dancing.

But then, to everyone's surprise (at least the under-6 crowd), Anna showed up in our basement! My girls were rather confused about it.

She explained that Elsa had been captured by the snow monster. They had to go help save her! So they all trooped upstairs, found a pile of "snowballs" (fuzzy yarn wrapped around wiffle balls), and threw them at the snow monster until they defeated him and saved Elsa.

Then we posed for pictures, ate candy/cupcakes, and just played with Elsa and Anna. Not bad for a 3-year old birthday party!

It was super fun having double Elsa and Anna's. Abby still talks about "2 Elsa's and 2 Anna's at our house!"

Peter was here, too. He was just too busy learning from Papa Lovell that he loves water to pay attention to anything. (Hah! Water. Appropriate for a Frozen party...)

All photo credit goes to Travis Lovell Photography.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Input requested

BJ had me play with Day One (the journaling app he works for) tonight. I ended up writing a stream-of-conscious bug report as a journal entry. It was late and I seemed to have lost any filters. It was really fun. BJ thought it entertaining as well. 

Afterwards BJ mentioned, "Sometimes I forget that I first got to know you through your writing." It made me realize how much I miss writing. And blogging. And how I seem to have lost some of my zest for life when I stopped writing. 

So, if anyone still reads this, what would you like to hear about? Kids? Life? Kiddisms? Old stories? Ramblings? Stream of consciousness on random topics? Opinions? Help a girl out!