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Thursday, February 17, 2011

misc. round 5; end of the Kessa still-pictures version

Holy cow, some of these are old.  Are you sure I didn't blog these before?

This is our neighbor's chair.  But Kessa loved it.  If she saw it, she'd crawl over to it as fast as she could and pull herself up into it.  She tipped herself over twice though, which kind of ended her love affair with it.  But seriously, when the weather warms up, I wanna get her a little chair to put out on our little balcony there.

Aww… she loves her Uncle Damian.  During the rare moments when he's not teasing her.  :) 

She loves clothes.  Period.  Shoes and socks are her favorites and she'll wear them anytime.  Even over her pjs.  A jacket means outside which she loves.  Same with hat.  I don't know why she has her Halloween ears on, though... 

Mmmmm.  Fudgesicle.  

My… nerdy diva? 

Turns out that babies don't forget about binkies just because they haven't had one in a year.  She found a couple of outlet covers and walked around using them as binkies. 

Two forks are better than one! 

We've been doing lots of smoothies lately.  (From the lots of fruits from Bountiful Baskets).  Kessa loves them.  All over her face. 

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