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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Island Park, part 1

Christmas was at Island Park this year, again with the Homers.  (Though, we did stop in to see Damian and his family on our way there and back.)  We rented a cabin again this year, which was great for all the space it gave us.  (The family cabin is much smaller; though we still love it!)

While the rest of of the family went out on snowmobiles to choose a Christmas tree, BJ and I stayed back while Kessa napped.  (And because there weren't enough snowmobiles).

When she woke up, we got her all decked out in her snow clothes and went outside for her first time to actually play in the snow.

She loves her daddy.

She couldn't walk, so we just set her down on the snow to see what she'd do.

She cried.

We helped her make a snow angel, but she wouldn't put her head down.  
So she's a headless snow angel.

Then they came home with the tree.  See it being dragged behind the snowmobile? 

This is where the hot tub was.  The cabin is just off to the left.  That's how much snow we had when we got there. 

And this is the snow and icicles coming off the cabin. 

Dad, BJ and I went to the family cabin to borrow a popcorn popper.  
All the snow had fallen from the roof.  Yipes! 

Unfortunately, all that snow falling took the chimney down with it. 

This is a neighboring cabin.  The icicles were formed, then the snow started falling off the roof.  Now the icicles are stabbing the window.

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