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Monday, February 7, 2011

David and Goliath

Sorry about all the sideways videos, folks.  Someday I'll remember to take videos horizontally.  :)

So it's another FHE with the Hendersons.  BJ is amazing at coming up with ways to tell scriptural stories in a way that the girls love and will (hopefully) remember for a long time to come.  This one was David and Goliath.  BJ played the part of Goliath, using a body pillow as a sword and a pillow as a shield.  Ellie and Sarah played the part of David (we had two Davids) who threw marshmallows instead of stones.  (One of those marshmallows we found hidden a month or two later.  Ick.)  Kessa was not well-pleased that her Daddy was being beat up, as you can probably tell by her reaction at the end.  So all you kids out there, do your best to make sure your daddy's aren't evil and wicked giants.

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