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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve always brings with it three gifts we can open.  A calendar, pajamas, and our family gifts.  (For our family gifts we draw names and keep it secret.  Then we have to make something for that person.)

This year we got the daily calendars, where you tear off a page every day.
I got ideas for being kind.  :)

BJ gets to learn more about working in a cubicle.

We had BJ's mom this year.  We made her a birthday calendar, which, unfortunately, you can't see very well in this picture.

BJ's dad put together a collection of family history books on the Homer family for us.

Teresa really wanted a picture of us all in our new jammies in front of the Christmas tree like they did when they were kids. 

Then the goofy shot. 

BJ's jammies came with slippers.  His feet are a lot bigger than mine.

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