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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Misc. round 8; last of all misc. posts

Uncle Shawn was teaching Kessa to dance.  (Oooh! I took this video today!  I must be catching up! (Though, these videos are not in chronological order.))  It was adorable.  She just kept mimicking him.

Like I said, sometimes, Kessa can just be a goof.

Aunt Jessa and Daddy/Kessa playing a duet.

Uncle Travis taught Kessa to play Angry Birds on the iPad.  She had a hard time getting it to go in the right direction.  So Travis kept having her switch hands to her left hand which usually worked.  (Just not so much in the video.)  She'd also try out different figures, which was adorable.  You can see her in her using non-traditional fingers (like her ring finger) to push buttons.  (Warning: it's kind of long.  If 2 minutes is considered long.)

Kessa wanted to wash her hands in the drinking fountain.

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