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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Misc. round 2; beginning of Kessa version

I have so many misc. pics and videos that I figured I'd do about 10 to a post.

Kessa loves the chess table at Travis' house.  He made it himself!  So talented.  We'll walk in and she'll go straight over to the chess table and sit on the little stool next to it and start moving pieces.  Sometimes she'll even add her own toys.

Aww… family picture first thing in the morning on the iPod.

Hmmm… this isn't a Kessa picture.  But I'm too lazy to move it to the misc. post.  This was one of BJ's turns at Dominion. At the time we thought it was amazing how many action cards he had played.  Now it's a normal turn for him.  It actually makes me laugh to see that and think that it was once amazing.

Kessa wanted to drink her bottle and suck her fingers at the same time. 

More cheese please! 

I haven't blogged this yet?  Really?  Well, I brought all my stuffed animals back from Idaho.  Kessa loved to get on the chair and have us pile animals all around her.  My favorite part is that this is what my bed used to look like as a kid.  I'd put all my stuffed animals on my bed (which, btw, are many) then crawl under the covers and try to sleep so as not to knock any off. 

She was just so tired.  But she wanted to hold the WiiMotes! 

Oooh!  Kessa's first drawing!  Isn't it precious? 

Ok, I swear I've blogged this.  Please forgive me if you see some pictures twice.
She loves Wii Remotes.  A lot.  All three of ours are hooked around her wrist here. 

BJ's cousin, Amy, watched Kessa while we went to the Ogden temple.  Her favorite part, I think, were those balls.  She'd carry them around on her wrists and got very upset when we took them off so we could go home.  But I love the look on her face here. 

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