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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend for Celebration

Saturday was our anniversary. We couldn't really do a lot to celebrate, since we have a newborn, so we spent the day at home. I baked while BJ played with Kessa and the Wii. We both enjoyed our day. :) What did I bake? Well, I'm glad you asked, because I'm sinfully proud of my accomplishment.

That afternoon we went up to BJ's parents' house. His sister, Jessa, had just gotten back from Peru and hadn't yet met her niece. We figured we should rectify that. Besides, they were willing to watch Kessa while we went out on a date to see Up (which, btw, I heartily endorse. Loved it. Also, I think the Pixar short is one of my favorites yet.) and made us a very yummy dinner afterwards. To repay them, we shared some of our Fathers' Day treats with them.

Sunday morning, Father's Day, I got up and made BJ breakfast. We had our traditional Sunday muffins, plus eggs and bacon. We also took Kessa to church for the first time. What a perfect Father's Day. At least the morning portion. I went to church with wet hair, which always makes me a bit colder than normal, so I ended up wearing BJ's jacket before we even took the Sacrament. By the time talks started, I was wearing the extra blanket that we brought for Kessa. By the time Relief Society was over, I was shivering ridiculously with the jacket, blanket, and Kessa cuddled up with me. By the time we got home, I was light headed. So to celebrate Father's Day, I let BJ take care of me. He made me hot chocolate, he started dinner, and he let me nap for hours once we discovered that I had a fever. Don't worry, by the time we went to bed, my fever had broken and I was feeling much, much better.

I'm glad I at least made those cupcake/brownie burgers the day before, so we got some Father's Day celebration in. :)


MegRuth said...

You are wonder woman! They look great!

Karla said...

I see that you like the Bakerella blog also. That was a cute idea that she had for those cupcake burgers and cookie french fries. It looks like yours turned out great.
Can't wait to meet Kessa!!

Rowberry Family said...

Those are soo cute! -Roxanna