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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Star Wars Revelations

I'm a pretty big Star Wars nerd. I probably watched the original trilogy twice a month as a kid, I own a fairly large collection of Star Wars Collectible Cards (from Decipher's Collectible Card Game), and there are two Star Wars photomosaics hanging in our front room. I know who General Rieekan is, and the names of the various models of starfighters.

Yes, I'm definitely a Star Wars nerd.

Tianna had never really watched any of the Star Wars movies, so over the last year we've watched the original trilogy. For my birthday earlier this year, my parents gave me the prequel trilogy on DVD. (I no longer feel the need to apologize for myself.) Tianna had seen parts of Episode I in high school, but hadn't really watched it, so tonight we found some time to start the prequel trilogy.

Note: If you haven't seen Star Wars Episode I, there's a semi-major spoiler coming up. I've warned you.

Tianna was trying to figure out how she recognized the various actors. Liam Neeson she recognized from Batman Begins. Ewan McGregor she recognized as a "heartthrob", but couldn't think of anywhere she'd actually seen him. (Later she looked him up on IMDB and recognized him from The Island and Emma.) When we started seeing Queen Amidala a lot, she asked who the actress was. Now technically, when you see "Queen Amidala" at first, it's not actually Natalie Portman; they've got the whole "decoy queen" thing going on, and Natalie Portman is actually playing one of the handmaids. But I couldn't very well tell her that, since you're supposed to think they're the same person the whole movie. So when I told her it was Natalie Portman, she said "Huh. I was thinking... like... Keira Knightley or something." I laughed and said "Nope!"

You guys. That's Keira Knightley. It was her first major role (in typical Star Wars fashion), and apparently Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley looked so much alike in their makeup that even their parents couldn't tell them apart.

I'm stunned. I had no idea.


(Oh, by the way, Tianna enjoyed the movie.)


Star Surfer said...

That's kind of funny.... I waited in crazy lines to see the openings for the prequels. It was insane but fun.

Teresa said...

i just looked up Kiera knightly and Natalie portman, i thought i was looking at the same person the whole time

Cbelle said...

I actually knew that. Random. When "Pirates" was being advertised, I asked a friend if the main girl was Natalie Portman, because she kinda looked like her, and he said no, its Kiera and that she'd been Natalie's look-alike. Weird though.