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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nonsensical sleep-deprived father

Neither BJ nor I have gotten much sleep the last couple of days, so I wasn't too surprised when he said some pretty funny things this morning. At that point, Kessa hadn't figured out how to latch on to me to feed, so I had been pumping and we had been using that to try and trick/train her to latch on. Kessa had let me sleep for about an hour between feedings, but she woke me up this morning around 6, rooting around for food. I tried to get her to latch on, but, as always, she wouldn't. So I decided I needed to pump, since it takes about a half an hour total (since I was two weeks early, my body needs a little encouragement to expel the colostrum) to pump, and I knew she was already hungry, I decided to pump immediately. Problem was, I had a cute baby on my chest, and I can barely walk. The pump was across the room, next to the sink. I was already starting to feel like the needy patient, so I didn't really want to call the nurse to ask her if she could hand me something from across the room, so I decided to wake up BJ.

Me: "BJ. BJ!"
BJ: [grunt]
Me: "I need you to get up and get the pump for me."
BJ: [gets up and makes it as far as the foot of my bed where Kessa's bed is, and started to look around for something]
Me: "What are you looking for?"
BJ: "The switch."
Me: "The switch for what?"
BJ: [grunts and motions towards Kessa, who at this point is crying] "The reset switch."
Me: [confused] "For Kessa? You mean a pacifier?"
BJ: [frustrated] "No. For the tank!"

At this point, he turned around and crawled back into bed. By this point, I'm giggling, certain that he's walking and talking in his sleep. However, the fact remained that Kessa was hungry, and I had no pump.

Tianna: "Umm... reset button aside, I still the pump."

BJ then stood up, kind of made a disgusted kind of face, then with much gusto, flung himself back onto the bed and curled up tightly under his blankets, fast asleep.

10 minutes later I actually got him to wake up (sort of) and get me the pump, and I started telling him about what he had done.

BJ: "I wasn't sleep talking; I was awake. I can defend what I said."
Tianna: "Oh can you?"
BJ: "Yes. You weren't making any sense. I was confused."
Tianna: "Uh... huh."
BJ: "It was based off a dream."

He went back to sleep for awhile. Later, BJ tried to convince me that he had no proof that he had slept; he didn't even have any dreams.

Me: "What about the reset switch for the tank?"
BJ: "That wasn't a dream."
Me: "Oh it wasn't?"
BJ: "No. You weren't making any sense."

So... apparently I wasn't making sense when I asked him to get me a pump, but he was making sense when talking about a reset button to a tank that was based off a dream he didn't have. I think we're going to have an interesting next few sleep-deprived months.


The Wright Family said...

That's funny! Hey Congratulations you guys! That is so awesome! Being a parent is so wonderful!

Bingham Co said...

Just wait til BJ is searching all over the bed trying to find Kessa when you are assuring him that she is sleeping in her bed and doing fine. But he keeps insisting that she is there and has to make sure she is okay. Yep - it has happened with every child and even happened the other night as he was looking for all the children.

Teresa said...

LOL, I love Kessa so much, u may wake up some day and find her missing. (i will have no idea where she is ;).

Mark said...

BJ often wonders into my cubicle looking for a switch, too.

Launi said...

THAT is so funny. You guys are doing so great. Are you sure you wouldn't like to come speak to our class tonight? JUST KIDDING! Kessa is beautiful--congratulations you guys.