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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soft Claws

Remember Ella? The cat we were so pleased about before Kessa was born? Anyone wondering what happened to her?

Well, she's still as playful as ever. Perhaps even more so. Many of us have scratches all over our hands to prove it. Our biggest challenge for the last few weeks has been trying to get her to not scratch or bite. Especially now that Kessa is at Ella's mercy. We've taken to keeping her out of our bedroom for the most part, which means she wants in there even more than ever. She regards the water bottle trick as a challenge. "Ooooh. If I get up on the table, I get squirted with that water bottle. I wonder if I can get up on the table, run all the way across, and jump down before she has time to squirt me."

We have solved the majority of our problems though this past week. Soft Claws. What a wonderful invention. Simply glue these little plastic covers over your cat's claws and voila! No more scratches! I really thought Ella would fight them. They warn that there may be an adjustment period where the cat tries to bite or scratch them off. She hasn't even noticed them. As soon as we let her go after putting them on, she ran off to play with a ribbon we keep lying around for her. She has a bit more trouble climbing up on our bed, but not enough to keep her from doing it. But it's wonderful. Now when she tries to climb my back to play with my ponytail, instead of getting long strips of pain down my back, it feels like she's just resting her paws on my back and combing my hair. Now when she makes it past our defenses and paws at Kessa's head, I'm more concerned about teaching her that Kessa is off limits than worrying if Kessa now has a scratch across her head. Now when she follows me around the house and attacks my ankles as I walk, I don't have to kick her across the room to protect my delicate skin.

I love Soft Claws. Love them. I'm refinding my love for my dearest baby kitten (who is growing so big!) again. Especially right now as she sleeps so adorably next to my computer.

Now if we can only figure out how to get her to stop biting...

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Alison Berrett said...

I have to say the soft claws are awesome! It's great that you started them young because she shouldn't have as much difficulty adjusting unlike an adult cat. We recommened them to numerous clients who did not want to declaw their cats. Glad you can be a little more pain free! She's a cute kitty, but not as cute as Kessa!