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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last night BJ and I had FHE at Bonnie's house. This is a weekly thing. This week, however, our typical game/activity was replaced with an impromptu Spoil Tianna session. I have zero complaints. Turns out, Bonnie has a massage table. Who knew? (Well, apparently all of BJ's family knows this, but it's a new revelation for me.) To add to the list of new knowledge, Bonnie is really good at giving massages. Not only did I get an amazing massage from her, but she taught BJ how to massage my legs, feet, and back. She also talked him through my neck and face, but she didn't actually have him practice those ones. Then she sent us home with a massage technique book so that we can learn how to give each other massages.

Talk about spoiled. I left there so relaxed with the smell of lavender putting me to sleep. It was wonderful. I'm convinced that a massage table is now on my "needs" list. So much better than on a bed, couch or floor. Perfect height for the masseuse and soft-yet-firm for the ... masseusee(?)

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The Dipo's said...

was that your first massage? Dang, I got hooked to massages like 10 years ago! LOL! I try to go every other month. It's fun eh?