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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kessalyn's stats: 2 weeks

Kessa had her 2 week doctor visit yesterday. Overall, she's looking "wonderful." (Her pediatrician loves that word, I've noticed.) She's back up (and a little past) her birth weight, which soothes a lot of concerns. She had her second PKU test, which she hated. (Can you blame her? Would you want your heel poked and someone squeezing your foot to make blood come out for 5 minutes?)

And now... stats:

Weight: 7.58 lbs. --- 22.33%
Length: 19.5 in. --- 14.23%
Head Circumference: 13.3 in. --- 4.26%

Yup. We have ourselves a little girl. I have no doubt that she'll grow, though. She's got the Homer feet. It won't be long before her toes are longer than mine. I'm sure she'll get the height to go with them.

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The Dipo's said...

She'll be getting another one of those in a couple of months.... brace yourself. :o) At least our Peditricain does another one to test levels.