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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bili Blue

Sometime in the middle of the night, the nurse came in to tell me that Kessa's Bilirubin level was at 14.5, which is high. So they needed to put her under bili lights to lower them. Whenever she's not in with me being fed, she's in the nursery under the lights. I must admit, it's awfully lonely in here without her. My mom went down to the nursery earlier and got these pictures of her through the window. My favorite is the second one, because the binky and the eye covers make her look like an alien of some sort. I also like the last one because of how her legs are just having fun up in the air. They're going to test her again around 3 to see how much her Bili levels have dropped so we know what her future treatment plan will be.

In other news, when the nurse told me just now that they're retesting her at 3, she also mentioned that they're retesting her hearing in her left ear because she failed last time. News to me. But she also said it was common for babies to still have fluid in their ears, so they retest later. So everyone, please say a little prayer for Kessa that her hearing will be fine.

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krebscout said...

If she has some hearing loss, she's in good company. Elliot failed that test four times before they got worried, failed it a fifth time, and then took a big electrodes-measuring-brainwaves kinda test to confirm that he does have some. We're still holding onto hope that he won't need hearing aids. He's taking that same test for the sixth time tomorrow.

But he's a rare case - I'm sure your little girl will be just fine, and if she has hearing loss, well, I empathize. And I'll be praying for the both of them.

Kim said...

Taegen failed both his ears in the hospital. We took him to get it checked when he was a month old and he was fine. I wouldn't worry about it yet.

Thora said...

Elisheva failed one of her ears the first time. They took it the next day, and she did fine. I'm sure Kessalyn will be fine (and if not, I have a sister who is completely deaf in one ear, and she doesn't need hearing aids at all - she hears fine with one ear, she just can't differentiate where noises are always coming from. It's like lacking depth perception.)

Rowberry Family said...

Look at that baby soaking up all that sun. Our little layla had the same thing, just after we brought her home and her levels were just as high. She will do great and get better in no time!

Stapley Clan said...

Congratulations Tianna! She's beautiful. My mom told me the news today. I IM'd Damian yesterday and he didn't say a thing, so he's in trouble.

I had a yellow baby too. He didn't have to do the lights, but they made him do a bunch of blood tests, even after I took him home. Poor kid was getting poked all the time. I hope things get better.