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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bili and hearing updates

Her left ear passed the hearing test. Huzzay! Thanks for your prayers, everyone! Unfortunately, they have no record of testing the right one... even though they say she passed it, they never recorded it anywhere. So now we get the fun times of going and getting that checked, too.

As for the Bilirubin... [sigh] ... her levels haven't changed at all. She's still at 14.2. The pediatrician was surprised; staying at the same level is unusual. But, staying steady is better than going up, so it definitely could be worse. So it's back on the bilibed for her for another day. At least we get to keep one at home and can be here with her while she's on it. None of this taking her away from me and keeping her in the nursery stuff. Our goal is to get her down to 13. She also hadn't had a wet or stinky diaper since 4 this morning, and since that's how the bilirubin gets passed out, it's not a huge shocker. But she had a good one this afternoon, so we're staying hopeful.

So, I wrote that a few days ago and was waiting for a picture to put on. Since then, Kessa continued to not have wet or messy diapers and was having me really concerned, especially since she had started to eat a lot better. So a lot was going in and nothing was coming out (except really stinky toots). And her biliruben levels were still at 14.2. No drop at all. And, of course, the on-call pediatrician that I had been working with was out of town for the rest of the week, so I had no game plan, no goal, nothing. So I finally got a new pediatrician (thanks for all the input everyone! You are all wonderful!) and talked to the nurse who was equally concerned and we got an appointment for first thing this morning.

Last night she had 3-5 messy diapers (depending on when you count one finished and another one beginning), most of which were in the course of about an hour. (Needless to say, I'm quite sleepy today.) She also had about 4 wet diapers. We went to the pediatrician anyway.

Kessa is now 6 lbs. 5.5 oz. Don't worry, it's normal for a baby to lose up to 10% of their birth weight. She should have it back by her 2-week appointment. He says she looks great and now that she's started to get rid of everything she's eating, he's not too worried. He had us skip the bilirubin test today and just keep her on the lights, then test her tomorrow. He's pretty confident that she'll drop now and we'll be able to take her off the lights tomorrow. Apparently, bilirubin levels tend to peak on day 3-5 and today is day 5, so with all considered, we should be good. Keep your fingers crossed! I'm a little tired of this not being able to hold my baby unless I'm feeding her business. And I feel bad for all of our visitors who get limited to no holding time because she's busy being stuck on a table. But it's for her good, so I'm not too upset. I'm just getting anxious to be able to hold my baby girl more often.


Tay said...

so, who did you pick? Did you like him?

Jay McGuire said...

She is such a beautiful baby, Tianna! I'm sure everything will be fine but I'll keep my fingers crossed and my prayers going for ya!

kamille said...

good luck! she's beautiful. i believe max's bilirubin was 16 one day and stayed the same the next time we had it checked...i think my pediatrician said it was normal for it to peak, then stay the same, then drop. but, i can't really remember.

good luck with this new adventure, you're doing great!

Alison Berrett said...

Congrats! She is so beautiful! I love that she's bald, so was Elli, bald is beautiful!