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Monday, October 11, 2010

Paper Bags

BJ's Grandma Goddard (who, unfortunately, I did not get a picture of) had a birthday party this summer at her house.  One of the games was the classic game, "Pick Up a Paper Bag on the Ground With your Teeth, Without Letting Your Knees or Arms (or Hands) Touch the Ground, Then Tear the Spot your Mouth Touched Off, Making it a Smaller Target For the Next Person."  Admittedly, the name could use some help.  But the game itself was quite fun and entertaining to watch.

Here's BJ about halfway through the game.

Teresa trying to do the splits to reach the bag. 

Jessa using the splits technique as well.

Aunt Kathy was surprisingly limber.

Uncle Richard was not.  He required help.


BJ decided that leverage was a great idea, so he used Kessa.  
For what it's worth, he failed.

Intermission!  Teresa wrapped Kessa up in a shawl to keep her warm while drinking her bottle.  Awww… what a cute auntie.

Shawn discovered that the rules said nothing about his head not being able to touch the ground.  So he tried that strategy.  It was good until he tried to stand back up.

This was the only picture taken of me.  I am also surprisingly good at this game, though I wouldn't say I was limber by any stretch.  I just have good tactics, I think.  I ended up in a three-way tie for the win.

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