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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up

Ok, so I'm ridiculously far behind on blogging.  Like a month or more.  Goal this week: do at least one blog post per day.  Maybe more.  I apologize if I do them all in one day.

So to start, I have a super cute husband.  He made me a deal—if I cook, he'll do dishes.  I'm so down with that.  Well, sometimes life gets in the way and I go to bed and BJ's left with all of the dishes late at night.  And often I'll wake up to them done.  (Which actually works for him. He's a night owl.)  Which is super awesome in and of itself.  Then to make it even better, one morning I woke up to the dishes done and this on the fridge:

Isn't he just fer cute?  :)

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