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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Idaho Cleanup

The weekend of my parents' mission "farewell" most of us kids went up to my parents' house and helped clean out stuff. (Damian and his family moved into my parents' house, so they (being my parents) had to do a lot more to get ready to go.  Namely, emptying their house.)  Mostly we helped by going through all our old stuff that is being stored at their house.  And having way too much fun reminiscing and playing.

Turns out Travis is still really good with the hula hoop.

Even Tamra (and many other kids not pictured here) got into it.

 Brandon got shot in the forehead with a dart and got a nail put through his head.

Here is Jalin and Travis going through their stuff together.

"Oh my goodness!  Guess what I found!  IAMSOEXCITED!"

"My baby blanket!"

Travis was a good boy scout.  He was also very generous and gave a lot of of his old stuff to Jalin's kids.  (Poor Jalin and Brett had their car stuffed to the max to get all of that stuff, plus much of Jalin's old stuff, plus all the stuff they brought with them, plus 6 kids and 2 adults.)

Brett also helped out with the cleaning.  
By stuffing more and more and more into the garbage can.  
Tee hee.

The cousins had a great time together, too.
Here is Tamra helping Kessa drink her bottle.

And eat her spaghetti.

Though, Kessa decided that she could do it herself.  
But it's much better with two forks.

Tamra was worn out after all that work.  She had her bed in the closet. 

 Hmm… this cousins' section is turning into a Tamra section.  She's just too cute!
Here she is making friends with Taegen.  Aren't they just so cute together?

It was fun getting together with siblings and cousins.  (And grandparents' of course!)
Let's all do it again soon, k?

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