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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Jalin and I had the brilliant idea to make Mom and Dad a tablecloth out of a sheet for their mission, with handprints of all their kids and grandkids.  When Jalin spent the week with me we put all the names of kids and grandkids in crossword form on it, using freezer paper.  We added the handprints while we were all at my parents' house.

Here we have Jalin being the mean big sister and pushing me!  Or rather, pushing my hands into the tablecloth to get all the paint off my hands and onto the fabric.  Whatever.  (And Spencer in the background wearing his Eric the Half-a-bee hat that Travis gave him out of his box of stuff.)

Ahhh!  My hands are bleeding!!!!

And me returning the favor and pushing Jalin's hands.  Bwahaha. 

Her hands are bleeding, too.  But she seems happy about it.  Weirdo.  ;) 

Kim also had bleeding hands.  What crazy people we are!

BJ apparently did just fine all by himself.  He doesn't need any big sisters to push him around.  And since his hands were blue afterwards, we didn't take a picture of his bleeding hands.


Holly K said...

This is a cute idea. If I get myself motivated enough, I might make something like this for a Christmas gift. My questions: Did you use a certain kind of paint so the tablecloth could be washed? And how did you use the freezer paper to put the names on?

Tianna said...

I honestly don't remember what kind of paint we used. I think it was just acrylic. I'm pretty sure acrylic is washable. I guess we'll find out the first time my parents wash it, eh? hehe.

As for freezer paper, you just cut a stencil out of it (waxy side down), iron it onto your fabric (make sure you get all the bubbles out!), paint the stencil, let it dry, peel the stencil off. Tada! Google Freezer Paper Stencils for more detailed instructions. There are plenty of tutorials out there.