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Monday, October 11, 2010

Kessa's Room Stage 1

We've made Kessa's room a project.  We wanted to turn it into a kids' room.  And actually decorate it.  

The first stage was to do something with the walls.  As I was looking at wall decals and such, trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I had the brilliant idea to have my friend, Nick, design something in either paint or vinyl.  Y'know, if he wanted to do nursery stuff.  He took up the challenge.  We decided to do vinyl because  a) it would be faster for him which means b) it would be cheaper and c) it would come down easily in case whoever moves in next doesn't want it.

Here are her bare walls beforehand:

And here is the vinyl on the walls!  In parts.  Because I can't get it all very well in one.
(Travis, you wanna bring your wide-angle lens over?)
Also, it appears that I only took pictures of the left wall.  But the right wall has the same thing on it, just mirror-image.  So both walls have the butterflies near the window and the birds near the closet (which isn't pictured, so it won't help you anyway unless you've been to my house.)

Isn't it for pretty?  I love it!  It makes me so happy!  I told him I wanted something floral/nature/animal-esque and this is what he came up with.  There are flowers, butterflies, birds, bees and honeycomb.  I think he did a superb job!

Kessa loves to wake up and point at them and jabber.  When we pick her up out of her crib, she'll whine and point until we take her over to the wall where she'll point at each of the circles (easily seen to the right of the dresser in the picture above).  Sometimes she'll pick a bee or a flower, but man, she loves those circles.  Often I'll name whatever she's pointing at to help her vocabulary.  I'm getting really sick of the word "circle."  :D

Stage 2 will be a light-blocking shade.  I took it down for the picture so I could get better lighting (even though it's still pretty bad), but we typically have a dark blue fleece blanket with brown teddy bears hanging up over her window to block the light.  It's a wee bit tacky.  :)  So our next project is to buy some cream-colored light-blocking shades to replace the current blinds and blanket.

Stage 3 will be making curtains, or rather, a valance with curtains that just go down the sides.  I'm not entirely sure of the colors or style yet, but I have an idea.  But that'll be a few months down the road, since we're only setting a little money aside every month for her room.

So stay tuned for more installments!

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