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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Idaho Canning 2010

Aunt Grace and I went up to Idaho for our 2nd annual canning extraordinaire.  This year was crazy because my mom wasn't going to be around to enjoy her harvest this year, thanks to a mission.  The story was the same for Aunt Grace (who just left for the Laie Hawaii Temple mission).  So Mom basically planted the garden for everyone else.  I requested a lot of beans, spaghetti sauce and peppered cabbage.  And boy did I get a lot of all of that.  We helped we everything that was ready in the garden.  It was also different this year in that Kessa was old enough to not be content sitting in a playpen for most of the day.  We had a lot of fun with her as well.

We discovered that she loves corn on the cob.  Raw or cooked.  (I can't blame her.  I used to snitch raw corn, too.)

"Look Grandma!  I got my corn!"

"Nom nom nom"

"Oh man.  This is just soooo good!"

This picture I thought was just way too cute.

Kessa liked to be helpful.  
She'd use the magnet to get the lids out of the hot water.

Then help Grandma and Grandma Grace put them on the jars.

She did her fair share of cuddling.  She loves her Papa.

And her Grandma.

And Grandma Grace that bought her her very first ice cream cone.

It was so tasty!

And in a non-Kessa note.  I went outside to pick beets.  I found a beet green that was so ginormous, I thought for sure the beet was gonna be huge.  So I got a good hold and braced myself to do some expert pulling and maneuvering to get it out without just breaking off the top.  Imagine my surprise when it pulled out as easy as can be.  I was shocked to find the "beet" at the bottom tiny, skinny and shaped like a carrot.

We watched lots of movies.  I bought the Anne of Green Gables boxed set.  (Did you know there are actually four movies?)  And we just played and loved spending one last week with Grandma and Papa before their mission.  It was nice to have them all to ourselves for awhile.  (Although, we did miss Daddy something terrible.  Thank goodness for Skype!)

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