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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fish Lake

Every year BJ's family and a handful of other families go down to Fish Lake over Labor Day weekend.  Last year we skipped out because Kessa was so little and we didn't want to try camping with a 3-month old and dealing with campfire smoke and all that jazz.  This year we decided that we had to start sometime, so off we went.  And we had a great time!  Except that Kessa developed a fever that ran the entire weekend.  So she was very cuddly.  But she slept great.  In our tent at night and in the motor home for naps.  And her fever broke the day we left, so the trip home was much more enjoyable than the trip out.

Other highlights we got in pictures:

Kessa rode a horse for the first time with Grandpa Homer.
He's gonna make a cowgirl out of her yet.

That's our tent in the back.  In front is Stockton's tent.  (That's Jessa's boyfriend.)
Here she is waking him up to come to breakfast.

We were in cattle-grazing territory.  
We had a handful of cows that liked to come around 
and wander through our campsites. 

We also played several games, including Settlers and Pandemic.  I love playing games with the Homers.  We also did a lot of reading.  I read the first two books in the Hunger Games series.  BJ read the second.  Teresa started reading the first.  The most fun part of the reading was when someone asked where you were in the book, and you had to phrase it in a way that people who hadn't gotten to where you are yet wouldn't have anything spoiled.  We also ate a lot of great food.  (Thanks, Mom!)

Overall, Fish Lake was great and we can't wait to go back next year!

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