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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My big sister!

Back in August (wow.  I really am far behind, huh?) I had some visitors.  Who?

Turns out, I didn't get any pictures of Jalin that week.  So for those of you who are dying to see what my dearest sister looks like…

And here's Aimee!  Despite looking like she's ready to stand, she was still trying to grasp the concept of crawling.  (Which she's now a master at.)

Here she is sharing Kessa's toys (instead of keeping them to herself like she is above).  (Those cheeks almost make me wish that Kessa had chubby baby fat, too.  Don't you just want to pinch them?)

Uncle James came to visit.

Aimee is pretty talented with her feet.  She could hold that frisbee with her feet and still suck her thumb! 

This one just cracked me up.  She would bite the frisbee then flip it up over her face so she could see the world in green.  (Also a shout out for Mozy!) This time she got her shirt, too, and made a pig out of her nose.  And she'd do it over and over again.

Ignore my ugly mug here, but aren't these two girls just adorable?  They had so much fun together.

And here they are all matchy-matchy.  I think Aimee is trying to use Kessa to pull herself to a stand. 

They did great in car seats side by side.  (That's Kessa's new car seat!  She got it that week.)

We had tons of fun.  Jalin got a chance to just relax, Kessa got to play with one of her cousins (which doesn't happen all that often, sadly), and I got some much-needed time with my sister.  Come again, please!

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Bingham Co said...

Let's start planning another get together. I am all for it. What great pictures. I wonder who took them. :) (Hush Trav - I am not about lighting, etc - but about capturing the moment - Quickly) Love ya!