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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ok, so I love to can.  My 12-year old self continues to hate the current me.  It makes me laugh how much I've changed since then.  I've even taken to canning at home.  Without my mom.  (Except periodic phone calls, of course.)  It's pure craziness.  I didn't do a good job of keeping track of everything I canned this year, though.  Sorry.  (Mostly I apologize to myself, who thinks that list could be quite impressive on a blog.  Perhaps not keeping track is good for my pride.  Keep myself more humble.)  But there were lots of pickles.  (Tragically those take 2 months to sit in a jar and finish pickling before they're ready to eat.  So I haven't eaten any yet.  I have no idea how they taste. I'll let you know how that goes.)  There's been spaghetti sauce.  Beets.  Peaches. Pears.  Applesauce (for my neighbor, Kristin).  Apple pie filling.  Apricot jam.  Just all sorts of yumminess!  And a few pictures, of course.

This is my neighbor, Kristin, and her very first jar of peaches ever.
She was super excited.

Kessa was being needy while we canned, so while I peeled peaches, I plopped Kessa in the neighboring sink.  Which she loved.  She also tried to eat the green tomatoes I had sitting in my windowsill, but found they were much more fun to plop in the sink of water and watch them float.

And in non-peaches, these are my very first ever beets done by myself.  In fact, they are the very first non-jam product that I have canned all by myself.  I was quite proud.  And yes, they are quite tasty.  (For all of you gagging yourself right now, they are Harvard beets, which have a very sweet sauce on them.  Making them divine.)

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