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Monday, June 11, 2012

Mama and Papa Lovell

My sister, Jalin, and Co. flew out to South Carolina, then rented a motor home and squeezed 4 adults and 6 kids in it for a 2-week drive home.  They are a lot more brave than I.  :D  They stayed at our house for the night before they flew out and the night after they got back.  I was impressed that we were able to fit their entire family.  Benefits of having a real house!  Brett and Jalin squeezed into our full sized guest bed.  Then the kids split up between the couches, the crib mattress, the bean bag chair, and blankets on the floor.

Mega Man also decided to sleep on the floor.

I loved how it looked like Spencer was just popping out of the bean bag chair.  This picture does not do it justice.

We spent the next week just having fun with Mama and Papa Lovell.  We did Easter festivities, helped them repack the stuff they were trying to get home, plastered Abby's hand and foot, blessed Abby, and just did other trivial, but fun stuff.  Like taking Papa's laptop to the Apple store.

Awww.  Kessa loves Mama Lovell.

She also loves playing games on the iPad.
I was really glad my mommy and daddy could come play with us for a week.  They had been gone so long at a crucial portion of Kessa's life.  She was just too young when they left for her to remember then and she spent lots and lots of time with Mama and Papa Homer during that time. About a month before they came home, I said something about Mama Lovell and Kessa looked at me, very confused, and said, "No. Not Mama Wovell.  Just Mama!"  The context implied not that she didn't like differentiating the two grandmas, but rather that "Mama Lovell" wasn't the right title for Mama Homer, who we just called Mama.  It broke my little heart.  My little girl didn't remember that she had two grandmas.  Luckily, she warmed right up to the idea and fell in love with Mama (and Papa!) Lovell.  Now she understands that she has two grandmas and she loves them both very, very much.  Hooray!

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