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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Draw Something

One of our new favorite iPhone games is Draw Something. It's basically Pictionary.  You're given a choice of 3 words to draw, worth different amounts of coins based on difficulty, then you draw pictures for friends and they guess them. Then you use that money to buy new colors to draw with or bombs to help you narrow down the letters while guessing.

The very first drawing I guessed was from BJ.  I spent hours trying to figure out what the heck it was.  Any guesses?  Anyone?  Hint, only my family could possibly get it.  (I wasn't given that hint, though.)
Ok, let's see.  A map.  That looks like Africa on the right, so this is probably America.  Red dot on… Boston?  New York?  Ok, moving on.  A boy in a … jersey?  Ok, maybe a baseball team?  But why not draw a baseball or bat?  And why is he holding a blue bag?  Ok, moving on again. Next drawn is a bunch of people on… a dance floor.  The dancer on the left is the sports boy carrying a purse.  Huh?  And lastly we have … Adam giving Eve an apple?  No arrows to this one.  How is it part of the picture?  Where does it fit in?  And why is Eve clearly so old?  Oh, maybe it somehow indicates that the map is the Big Apple.  New York?  Dancing?  Newsies?  But what's with the blue bag?!

Ok, do you give up?  I finally got it, though only after a few hints from BJ.  "Every detail is important.  Every one!"  "Even the number of people and their genders are important."  Uhhh…  Ok, boy, girl, boy, boy, girl.  Wait.  That's the same as my family.  So the boy on the left would be my oldest brother James.  And… maybe that's a name tag.  And maybe the blue bag is actually a Book of Mormon!  (Why he didn't draw Moroni on it is beyond me.)  So back to the map, I've got my countries backwards.  That's Asia.  So that must be Korea!  (Where James served his mission.)  So those people must be my parents.  And he's not giving her an apple.  He's eating it!

Haha.  It's a miracle I kept playing after that one.

Now how about this one?  This one is the first one I got with writing on it.  It wasn't the funniest one, though. Her drawing of a raccoon was the best.  I wish, wish, wish I had taken a picture of that one and all the things she wrote on it.  I was laughing my head off the whole way through.
It's a hippo.

Or how about when someone doesn't draw at all and just tells you what the word is?

BJ has since gotten much better at drawing with his finger on an iPhone screen.  What do you think of some of his favorites?

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Jalin Bingham said...

Oh - come on - I guessed Korea right off :)