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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Punk Snowman

We didn't get a whole lot of snow this winter, but one of our actual snows came while Papa Lovell was here.  It was too cold for Kessa to want to go outside, but Papa wanted to build a snowman for her.  Compromise was struck when Papa built the itty bitty snowman on our deck while Kessa watched through the window.

Once the snowman was rolled, it was time to add features.  I dutifully started gathering carrots and raisins, but apparently the shredded carrots wouldn't stay in well enough.  So he asked for toothpicks instead.  They made the arms, the mouth, the eyes...

… and the mohawk.

1 comment:

Jalin Bingham said...

Was that really our Dad?!? That is too funny. He must have got the mohawk idea from Tamra as she gave him a mohawk on the trip :)