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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Julie and Julia

I watched Julie and Julia tonight with my mom as a last hurrah before I go home. This was a horrible idea as its now 1 am and have a 4-hour drive ahead of me tomorrow. But it inspired me to write a blog post about something other than my kids. It doesn't even have pictures! Funnily enough, it's a blog about a movie about a blog about a book. And it's not even some grand spectacular thing like the original blog was. In fact, it's only one little question that is bugging me. (1 am, remember? I don't have time for more than one little question.)

Why did Julia not like Julie's blog?! This seems very un-Julia-like. She likes everyone. It never explains it. (Unless both my mom and I missed it. Which is possible. 1 am. Remember?)

Someone please explain this to me! Please?


hippo mom said...

Meagan said...

From what I remember when I researched that very question a few years ago was that the modern Julia wasn't a very nice person. If I recall, she used lots of profanities, had affairs on her husband, etc. The movie shows her as much more sweet and innocent than she actually is.

Here's a more in depth article:

JM said...

Julia didn't like everyone. The Julia portrayed in the movie was supposedly the idea of Julia that Julie had in her head (since she didn't know her). That being said, I really liked the movie. It was cute.