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Friday, June 8, 2012

Valley Fair Train

When my parents first got home, they stayed with us for about a week. We loved spending every minute with them, so when they met some extended family for ice cream, we had to go with.  (It was after the Art Museum (next post) so we were already with them.  It made absolutely no sense to just go home.)  So we met up at the Valley Fair* mall and ate dinner, then got "brown toppers" at Dairy Queen.  Kessa watched as every 15 minutes or so, a train carrying kids drove up and down the mall.  She wanted to ride on the train so much. I didn't want to deal with ice cream on the train, so we told her she could go when her ice cream was gone.  She finished, so we took her down to the train.  Just to find out that the mall was closing and the train had just finished its last ride.


The conductor lady was super nice, though, and let Kessa play in the cars while she closed up.  Kessa loved it, and we promised that another day we'll go back and ride in the train.

That was two months ago.  The other day she told me, "I saw a twain at the store.  It went back and forth and kids got on it.  And no twain until I eat my ice cweam!  Daddy said we ride twain another day."  And then she changed topics and babbled about something else.  [blinks]  Holy cow, that girl has a good memory.  I am proud of her that she didn't whine about it at all.  She simply reminded me and moved on with life.  Guess we'll need to make sure we go up there again.

Anyone know of a closer mall that has a train in it?

*Dave D., here is proof that there really is a Valley Fair mall.  BJ said you didn't believe him.


The Dipo's said...

The Mall in South Jordan has a train and a carousel. :o)

Tianna Homer said...

Perfect! Kessa wants to ride a carousel so badly. We were going to at the zoo yesterday, but then took too long and they closed it. [sigh] We're making a bad habit out of this.

Kelley said...

The Provo Towne Center Mall has a train in it as well, but no carousel.... :)