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Saturday, May 19, 2012


So, if you haven't noticed, I'm going backwards in time.  I'm playing blog catchup.  Here we have Easter!  This is Kessa's first Easter where she had any idea what was going on.  It was also her first Easter egg hunt.  We did one with our ward which was very well done.  They split the field into ages, then set a limit on number of eggs to collect, then had extras in case some kids didn't fill their quota.  Which meant that it was nothing like the horror stories I hear from friends about injuries and parents fighting parents to get eggs for their kids.  Way to go, our ward!

Here are our Easter baskets!  Grandma and Grandpa Lovell shared the one on the left.  BJ and I got the one in the middle. Kessa got the one on the right.  See those green and white stripes?  Real grass!  (Pinterest)  We grew it for about two weeks prior to Easter, to give the Easter bunny a place to put her stuff.  It was fun.  I think we'll make that a tradition.  But we won't use cat grass again.  It was fun, but not nearly thick enough.  (Unless I buy multiple packages, but that starts getting pricey.)  And the bunny in front I've had for years and years and years.  I always forget to bring her out until after Easter, though.  Glad I remembered this year!

And here is a video of Kessa looking for her basket after her nap.  I love that she barely ever looks anywhere and I have to almost tell her where it is.  Maybe we should play hide and seek more?

We let Saturday be more of the Spring Celebration portion of Easter.  Also the more worldly portion.  Hunts, baskets, candy, etc.  Sunday was more for the spiritual side of Easter.  The exception was coloring eggs.  That happened Sunday, mostly due to lack of planning and a much needed nap time on Saturday.  I'll plan better next year.

We did Resurrection Rolls (again, thanks to Pinterest) to help teach Kessa about the Resurrection.  We simplified it and didn't actually read the scriptures, but rather summarized them.  I think she got a little inkling anyway.  And she liked to help make them.

While the women cooked, BJ and Kessa dyed eggs!  It was really fun.  We used a whisk to dip the eggs in, so they didn't splash and came out easily (any guesses where I got the idea?).

Daddy got creative with the colors and made rainbow eggs!

They had fun writing names on in white crayon, then seeing them appear after they colored them.  And then we had fun choosing who we got to eat.  Bwahaha.

We invited Travis over to eat with us.  Can you see why Kessa just adores him?

Travis always makes fun of the practice of eating ham on Easter and Christmas.  The two holidays celebrating the life of a Jewish man who lived the Law of Moses perfectly… and we eat pork?  So for him we made lamb.  This will definitely only be a yearly tradition, because turns out, lamb is expensive.  But it was fun and an adventure.  (Wait, what temperature should we pull this out at? Google says this, but is it supposed to still be bleeding?  Don't worry.  It ended up cooked perfectly and was delicious.)  

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