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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Abby's Blessing

Since my parents and Jalin and her family were coming through for one evening, we decided to bless Abigail at our home on a weekday.  Jalin rarely gets to come to events like this since she lives so far away, and since she was here when Abby was born, I wanted her to be here.

In the circle, from left to right:
Travis, James, BJ, John, Jim, Bro. Casper, Brett

Grandma Lovell made the dress.  (She made Kessa's, too.)  Once again, I'm floored by her talent.  Sewing is one craft that I've just struggled getting behind.  Travis hasn't gotten me the pictures he took yet (surprise! ;) ) so you'll have to deal with my iPhone photos.

The blanket was given to us by Instructure, BJ's work.

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