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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Museum of Church History and Art

After my parents came home, they stayed a week with us.  We played a lot.  One of the things we made a priority to do was to go up to the LDS Museum of Church History and Art.  Travis had one of his religious photos from Jerusalem in their show, Walking on Water.  And our friend, Nick, had his first religious painting in there, The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever.  While we enjoyed the art quite a lot, Kessa couldn't have cared less.  She just wanted to play in the kids' area.  (But congrats to Travis and Nick!)

Helping Mormon Abridge the plates

Playing on the touch screen computers

Fishing from Noah's Ark

Ooooh!  She got one!

Helping Nephi build the ship.

And dressing up in traditional Latino clothing.

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