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Thursday, May 17, 2012

To Do Board

This project was inspired by this blog post I found on Pinterest.  I'm very much a list person and I wanted a way to put all of my lists in one central location.  I also wanted a chore chart (because I'm 12 at heart?) and wanted to easily see what chores needed to be done when.  So when I saw this post I decided to do it!  

I started with just a 2'x2' piece of plywood from Home Depot ($5.92), painters' tape ($3.47), sample paint ($2.94 each), a 2" foam brush ($0.57) and sawtooth hangers ($3.47).  Total cost for the board, including tax: $19.25.

Then I painted it a sage green.  I chose the color I wanted, then had them mix it in a sample size ($2.94).  This used about half.

Then I drew two patterns I was considering.  Chevrons (which I measured to make it look nice)

And a cross weave.  (Which I just drew freehand.  Obviously.)  Popular vote chose this one.

I made BJ figure out the math for where to put down the painters' tape.  Another blog suggested you paint the base color over the tape to cover any bubbles so the top color doesn't spread.  So I did.

After it dried, I painted over with the white (also a mixed sample).

Ta da!

After that dried I did the cross sections.

More white paint (I did the green again, too, but didn't take a picture).

Finished board!  Looks cool, huh?  (Don't look too close.  There are boo boo's.)

I made a grocery list pad using gorilla glue on top to hook it together.  (It seems to hold together fine, but I haven't used it yet to determine how well it stays and tears off.)
 Final Project
And then I made my menu, chore list, project list, etc. and framed them, then attached them to the board using Command Strips.  I just used dollar store document frames.  So far I'm not loving them.  Either pay a few extra dollars for nicer frames or just laminate your paper.  I want to redo my lists, so I'm considering just laminating them. 

I still need to hang it up, though.

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Jessalyn said...

I think it looks great!! (And yes, I know I've seen it in person more than once...)