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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Some ladies in my neighborhood do a quarterly card exchange. Bring 20 cards of a specific theme, trade, go home with 20 various cards to use throughout the year! I love this idea. The last one was right before Abby was born, so I didn't participate. This one is tomorrow. The theme is generic cards. I like this theme. I didn't have to figure out any way to write stuff (I don't have any stamps or a Cricket or anything.) or buy things (like stickers or whatever) that are specific to a theme. That's a good way to start, I think.

I had good intentions to use buttons and hemp bows, but it just didn't look as good in real life as it did in my head. So instead I added a simple colored border and I think I like the end result. It isn't the most impressive or crafty, but I like the simpleness of it. I had to keep reminding myself that other people have different color preferences than I do, and since I'm giving these away, I shouldn't just do my favorite colors. It felt weird to be crafting in orange, yellow and red. :) (Yes, I'm a cool color person.)

When I was done I remembered being told by a crafty friend in my Orem that doing something simple to tie the envelope into the card makes all the difference. So I used my scraps to put a strip of the argyle onto the top of the envelope. (Ok, with every project there is a learning curve and the red, being my first, got done funny. Hence why some of the argyle is sideways. And I had a smaller scrap, so I had to put it up the side instead. Oh well. Character, right?)

And I got it all done during naptime. Hooray! And that, my friends, is my crafting project of the day.

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