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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Project #2 - A-frame

Yeah, it's probably lame to blog about project #2 before #1, but I haven't taken pictures of #1 yet.  (Our garden boxes.  7 of them.)

I had fully planned on making Travis build the A-frame trellises for my garden, but my peas were starting to get tall and Travis was going to New York for a week.  So I read through the instructions and decided that BJ and I could do it, with the help of Home Depot cutting our wood.  So off to Home Depot we went!

Kessa demanded having the basket instead of Abby
and decided to make herself comfortable

The almost-finished product.
We added pointed feet on the bottom (which Travis cut.  He wasn't entirely worthless in this project) and it's now firmly planted in my garden where we had to smash some of the peas to get it over them.  Oops.

Now let's just hope it can survive Lehi winds.  Which are ridiculous. 

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