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Monday, May 7, 2012

Silly Kessa

When I was a baby, I could fit two binkies
in my mouth.  Apparently Kessa has my
big mouth, too.  :)

And like all children, she loves boxes.  A lot.

Lately she has taken to making soup whenever I cook.
It usually consists of a bowl or pan, water, whatever scraps
I have from what I'm making, and spices.  Then stir!
It usually looks disgusting.

I really hope she's not over the weight limit for this thing.
Because she loves it. And knows she's silly.

Any guess whose clothes these are?
Not Kessa's.  Nope.  Abby's.
Yes, my almost 3-year old fits into 3 month pants.

She got new owl decor for her bathroom.
And she LOVES it.
(So does Aunt Jessa.  This picture is now her computer wallpaper.)

And here she is wearing my glasses.
Because don't all kids like to wear their
parents' glasses?

She's getting quite the imagination lately. 
And she loves pretend.  So here she is pretending
to be a penguin.  Because that's what's on
her pjs.  And as we could have predicted, it was 
much funnier/cuter before I turned on the camera.

"If you wake me up, I'll be so sad like this!"

Kessa loves kites.  She wants to fly one
so badly.  I told her she'd have to wait for 
Daddy.  We certainly have the wind for it.

Kessa discovered a little white fluff in the garage.
Even better, she discovered that if she blew
on it, it'd move around.