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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Often lately we end up running errands during lunch time.  Which means we often eat out.  Which is bad both for our bodies and our pocketbook.  So I started getting smart and (sometimes) when we are ready to leave around 10 or 11, I'll make sandwiches and grab some fruit and a juice box for Kessa.  Then we have a picnic in our car in whatever parking lot we happen to be in.  I feed Abby and eat while Kessa eats.  She loves it because she gets to wander the car. One day we ended up coming home earlier than planned so I asked Kessa where she wanted to have our picnic.  I figured she'd say the church.  a) because that's her favorite answer to "Where ______?" ("Where are we going today?"  "Where should we do X?"  Anything that begins with "Where" she likes to answer with, "Church!") and b) because we had picnicked in our car there before (at her request.)  To my surprise, she said she wanted to eat at home.  

When we got home, she decided to eat in the garage.  So we pulled out our picnic blanket (my denim blanket, courtesy of my momma!) and for fun, put our lunch in our new Star Wars lunch box.  (Thanks, Nick and Brad!)  And, of course, Racky had to come, too.  (I love that she loves him as much as I do.  Well, almost as much anyway.)  She spent a lot of time talking about the picture on the lunchbox.  Of course she stopped when I pulled out the camera.  Alas.

A few nights later we had a salad for dinner, and it was gorgeous outside, so we decided to eat out on the deck.  Kessa was much more enamored by the bug she found crawling around than her dinner.  She'd pick him up and put him on her arm and watch him crawl around.  She moved that guy on the blanket.  Off the blanket.  Everywhere.  He must have had a hard shell, because I thought for sure she'd squish him.  Poor guy.  I think he finally found his relief when she dropped him between the slats of the deck.  (Though, the question is if that relief was found in escape or death.)

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