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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sidewalk Paint

I've been trying to do more projects with Kessa and she loves, loves, loves to paint.  Since it's been really nice outside, I thought we should do an outside project.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe for sidewalk paint.  It's basically equal parts water and cornstarch with food coloring in it.  I originally did 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water (based on the first "recipe" I found) and it was hard to paint with, got really thick and had to be stirred every 2 minutes and took forever to show up on the sidewalk after painting.  All of the below pictures are with that recipe.  BJ came home, though, and suggested adding more water and sure enough, it solved the problems!  (Well, except the taking forever to show up part.  You just had to trust that it'd get darker when it dried.)

Kessa had fun splattering paint.

See how the D is much fainter than the rest?
It was freshly painted.
Ugh.  See how faint it is?  And how it doesn't look like sidewalk chalk at all?
It's hard to have faith that it'll get better.

We were painting as Daddy was driving home so I wanted
to make Daddy a message to see as he drove up.
So I did the K <3 D.  I told Kessa it meant "Kessa loves Daddy"
and she insisted that we add "and Mommy."  Awwww


Alison Berrett said...

I love it when someone I know tried out pinterest stuff, I feel like I can trust their opinion more than a strangers. I've been wanting to do this with my kids but the weather has not been nice enough. I was wondering how it worked and now I can really see! Do you think it will wash off just like chalk and not leave color on the cement? Looks like fun!

Tianna Homer said...

Alison, I was worried about that, too. What with the food coloring and all. Especially red food coloring. But a couple of nights after we did it we had a rainstorm and next morning Kessa was horrified to see, "paint all gone!" So yes. It washes right off. Hooray!