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Friday, December 26, 2008


So, I'm a big fat chicken and didn't especially want to go snowmobiling. I've only been once before and I ended up destroying my knee. This wasn't exactly encouraging for me to go again. Add on top of that the fact that I'm pregnant and a fall could hurt the baby. Also, my belly is growing, so the snow clothes they had for me didn't really fit well. (My snow pants had to stay unbuttoned and I had to lift the bottom of my coat above my hips before I could zip it up.) However, the family wanted to go to Big Springs which I already know to be pretty, and it was already determined by the amount of powdered snow that this would be a trail ride. Also, BJ and I would be riding on a two-seater (so that all of us could fit), meaning no jumps. I was convinced to go. Turns out, it was quite fun! (Ok, I knew it was fun from the last time I went, but one time that ended in disaster isn't really enough to convince my over-working brain that it will be fun again. I'm a little more convinced after this ride.) Again, we will tell the story in pictures.

To continue on showing you how deep the snow is, check us out at the beginning of the ride. That lump of snow behind us are the snowmobiles that haven't been uncovered (they had a tarp over them) and the snow we're standing in goes up to BJ's knees (just over mine).

We got to Big Springs, where the water is the same temperature all year long. Here I am feeding the ducks and the fish (though, you can't see the fish in the picture).
This is the John Sack Cabin across the spring. Isn't it so beautiful in the winter? If you look at the very bottom right of the picture, you'll see a water wheel next to the little cabin. So much fun!

This is all of us on the way back except BJ's dad, who is taking the picture. BJ drove on the way out, but I ended up with frozen toes, so he had me drive back. (There are hand and foot warmers in the driver's seat.)
Turns out that letting me drive was a very bad idea. Sorry Nick! We hope you'll be ok... eventually.

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The Dipo's said...

Man, I haven't been up to Big Springs in so long! What a great outing to have!