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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowed in!

Last night we went to bed after hearing on the news that I-15 was closed, except for emergencies, (the freeway to get from Utah to Idaho), Highway 26 was closed (the road to get from the freeway to my house), as well as many, many, other roads. Certain cities put out proclamations detailing when your car was allowed to be on the road and when they would be out plowing, so get your car off the road. It was craziness. We completely understood though. Earlier in the day, we went over to Damian and Kim's for an hour or two and by the time we left, Damian had to shovel us out of their driveway, the drifts behind us had grown so high. We got to our road and were skeptical as to whether we could get through or not. (That end of our road is known to be one of the first road closures in this area.) So we detoured through Ririe and came back on the other end of our road and bucked drifts to get in.

This morning I was awakened by the phone ringing 3 times (each time separated by my mom's cell phone ringing). I finally called my dad's cell phone wondering where in the world they were. They were out taking pictures of the snow! Yay! Then the phone rang again. It was my dad's boss telling him to stay home from work because all the roads between here and there were closed. Wow. Mom and Dad came back from taking pictures, turns out the end of our road is most definitely blocked in. Let's show it in picture-form, shall we?

This view is from way down the road. You can see the blockade if you look closely.

The neighbor decided to pull out his Bobcat and try to dig it out. If you look closely (you may have to click on the picture and view it in another window, up close), you'll notice that instead of the bucket lifting up, his back wheels lifted up. Oops?

Let's pull out the trucks to help rescue the Bobcat! (Please notice the height of the drift as compared to the stop sign and other trucks.)

This is the typical drifting across our road... all the way down. It's basically a one-way street. Gotta love Idaho snow.

Hope everyone else is having a white Christmas... or at least dreaming of one. It's all about the adventure, my friends. :D (Just drive safely. I've already heard of too many people running off the side of the road or flipping their cars... strewing Christmas presents everywhere. I want no more such reports.) Also, be careful. There are reports of another storm (accompanied with a good Idaho wind) coming through on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Drive safely, my friends!

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Alison Berrett said...

I'm almost jealous that you are snowed in. I think that would be fun and a great adventure.