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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plans? Who needs plans?

It's a good thing we are flexible. We've changed our plans so many times since we've gotten up here that we no longer know what we're doing. We've told almost everybody some different plan, so no one actually knows what's going on. Often ourselves included.

- BJ and I are in charge of our traditional Christmas Eve dinner
- BJ's parents got delayed a day due to the storm yesterday.
- There's another storm coming through Christmas Eve afternoon/evening and staying through Christmas day.
- We woke up this morning to our road blocked on one end and the highway on the other end of our road was closed. The highway is now open, but it wouldn't take much to close all of the roads again.

So, the current plan (which is definitely subject to change) is to go with BJ's parents to Island Park today and stay there until they leave ... somewhere around the 29th. Then we'll come back to my parents' house for New Years, etc. And we'll do our Spain dinner for New Years instead of for Christmas.

[catches breath]

Let's just hope the road to Island Park stays open. Else, I suppose we'll have an even longer snowmobile ride to get in to the cabin.

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Kyle said...

We hope the Island Park roads stay open... currently half of our party is in Pocatello or further South, and half in Island Park. It's been a super party thus far for us. Hope you don't get any wrecked vehicles to make the holidays as cheery as ours.