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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Narrow Shoulders

I have many physical curses in my life. Today I am going to complain about one in particular.

Yes, my friends, I have been cursed with narrow shoulders. You wouldn't think this would be such a big deal, would you? But try finding shirts with any sort of a non-choking type neck that doesn't show off far more than I would like to. Or try to carry any type of bag on your shoulders. Temple bag, laptop case, purse, you name it. If it's carried on the shoulder, I hate it. Every morning as I walk into work with my purse and my laptop precariously perched on my shoulder, stopping at least once to pick them up off my elbow and return them to my shoulder, I remember how much inconvenience narrow shoulders really are. So next time you hate something about your body, remember it could be worse—at least your bags and shirts stay on your shoulders.


Annaleise and company said...

No they don't.

Marie said...

So I must say I have somewhat narrow shoulders as well. So all my bags and purses (and viola cases) I make sure the strap is long enough to go all the way across to my opposite shoulder. This helps with the sliding, but definitely causes neck pain. Oh the choices, sigh.
Anyway, I wanted to say congratulations on the baby to come!! And I must say I'm jealous.

Amber said...

I feel your pain: I have narrow shoulders too, as do all the women in my family...including Olivia. I have to do the opposite shoulder thing too - and I've adjusted more necklines than I can count.

Hopefully BJ's shoulder-related DNA will conquer yours for the new baby!

Alison Berrett said...

I know the feeling! Add bad posture to narrow shoulders and you've got me!