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Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

I'm glad we decided to come to Idaho on Thursday instead of Friday. Weather in Utah was so bad that several flights were delayed and the Church actually sent home all the employees early due to adverse weather. That's when we had planned on coming home. Instead, we've been happily camped out at my parent's house since Thursday night, braving the weather here and there to go out shopping. Luckily, for the most part, the weather here in Ririe has been great. Cold and windy, maybe, but no scary driving incidents.

We had planned on meeting BJ's parents in Idaho Falls this afternoon. Turns out that there is a blizzard in SLC, however, so they're not coming until tomorrow. This might be a good thing, though, cuz from what we've heard, the road to Island Park is one-way right now, due to all the snow. So now the question is, do we go to Island Park tomorrow, then come back to Ririe Wednesday, then back to Island Park Wednesday night? Or do we just stay in Ririe until Wednesday night and get less time with his family? (We're in charge of Christmas Eve dinner at my parent's house.)

Luckily, no matter what we do, we're surrounded by family. This is happy. We are quite fortunate when I compare us to the other weather horror stories I've heard over the last few days.

Happy Snowy, Windy, White Christmas!

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The Dipo's said...

I'm wondering what your plans ended up being because I've heard that Ririe and S.E. Idaho in general is getting hit hard right now. Hope you guys stay safe on the roads!