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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas! aka Snowed In! Part 2

Christmas has been great so far. It has been snowing like crazy. Seriously, we've probably gotten over 2 feet of NEW SNOW since yesterday. What makes me laugh was that last night Teresa asked if we were going to have a white Christmas. We all kind of laughed, because we already had a lot of snow. Teresa clarified that she meant would it snow on Christmas, so Nick and Jessa decided find out for sure and pulled out the Magic 8 Ball on their iPods. The first try came up with one "Try again later" and one "For Sure" (or something similar). So they both tried again and both got "Yes, most definitely". We were convinced, and sure enough, it's true! We actually started taking pictures of the window every 30 minutes, to get a time lapse sort of thing. It's not perfect because the camera gets moved slightly, so I don't think it's gonna turn out as cool as I wanted, but we'll try to put together some sort of video on here for y'all when it's done. (Yes, Jess, you were our inspiration for this.)

Because we got so much new snow that's very powdery, snowmobiling has been mostly out of the question. BJ's dad and Nick went snowmobiling this morning and came back with the report that it was "almost fun". Instead we've spent the day opening gifts, playing games (I won at Settlers; it was nice to beat Jessa for a change), watching Serendipity, reading, and putting together a puzzle. It's been nice and relaxing. However, considering the amount of snow we got last night and today, we're grateful that we decided to change our plans and come up early, else we may not have come up at all... or at least not until a few days after Christmas.

We'll have more pictures to post later. (BJ got a camera for Christmas! Fantastic, since I forgot mine at home...) Just wanted to let you all know that we live and that we're having a great time watching the snow from our nice, warm cabin. Even if it does mean that we're completely snowed in. (BJ just measured that the snow is anywhere from 2-3 feet above the bottom of the windowsill (which, admittedly, includes the snow that has fallen off the roof.)) But, since we don't have to go anywhere for several more days, we're going to enjoy it while it lasts. And just hope that the forecast of snow every day until the day we leave won't completely bury us. :)

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